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The ruling by the three judges comes in the cases of two citizens – Richard Fields, in 2013 a Temple University sophomore, and Amanda Geraci, in 2012 a member of a Philadelphia police watchdog group called Up Against the Law — who were interrupted as they video-recorded police officers in public activity. To be protected under the First Amendment, Kearney wrote, the videographer had to announce that he or she was recording as an act of protest or challenge to police. Lauren Hitt, a spokeswoman for Mayor Kenney, said the mayor would have no comment because the case was still open.

The ruling reverses a federal judge’s ruling last year that people did not necessarily have a constitutionally protected right to record police activity. Without that notice, Kearney wrote, police were free to stop the recording. The Third Circuit decision was hailed by the ACLU and lawyers for other civil rights groups involved in the appeal.

Set in the year 2020, the show took place in the metropolis Empire City. Vess, codename "Bulletproof", who has been sent out to stop Big Boss (no relation), a criminal mastermind who has taken over the city. O'Malley (aka Long Arm) and rookie Donny Brooks (Hard Top) to find the best law enforcement officers around. "Bullseye" Forward, and Rex "Bowser" Pointer and his robot dog, Blitz.

However, after being attacked by the henchmen of Big Boss and suffering a near-fatal wound, Vess is taken to the hospital and given a new bullet-resistant torso.

The World Series hasn't just been a slugfest on the field ... Sources say Hinch "snapped" and unleashed on the other patrons -- cursing and yelling in the middle of the bar.

Hinch was involved in a heated altercation after Game 1 and cops were called ... We're told he was having some drinks -- when some hotel guests came in and started talking trash about the Astros.

When Smith pressed charges, the officer was already standing trial on charges of raping and assaulting another woman.

comic book by DC Comics, which had a much different storyline that was Darker and Edgier.

Truthout also says that when police-perpetrated sexual violence is reported, shorter sentences or dismissed cases are more common.

of police-perpetrated molestation, harassment sexual assault, rape and molestation have been all over the headlines recently. C., officer admitted that he forced teenagers to work as escorts out of his apartment, while a former Wisconsin police officer was arrested for murdering two women and stuffing them into suitcases.

In 2000, the Department of Justice and the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training unveiled the National Decertification Index, a database compiled to prevent decertified officers from becoming rehired due to misconduct.

The most recent version of the index contains reports from only 37 states.

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Geraci was not arrested or cited during the incident.