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And it's hard for me to look at his cancer experience in a vacuum (I mean, he dated an Olsen twin - that's sorta antithetical to the kind of role model that I'm looking for).Still, as author Kairol Rosenthal writes,"Since Lance's balls and bike became public, we no longer speak about cancer in hushed tones." Lance Armstrong's contribution to movement building for cancer education, awareness, research, and treatment has been critical to all our well-being.Continuing my list-making into these early days of September, here is my list of the best books for cancer patients and their supporters.The list is biased toward practical lifestyle advice over individual narratives, and of course, unique to my own personal situation.If Deepak Chopra, What To Expect When You're Expecting, and Sex and the City had a love child, it would look just like Kris' Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips.It is sheer perfection for cancer 'cowgirls' and their loved ones—colorful, soulful, and intimate."— Rory Freedman, coauthor of #1 NY Times best seller Skinny Bitch"Kris is a ray of light that is needed to raise awareness of what it means to give back. She is a true leader of courage and inspiration."— Donna Karan "Kris Carr has done something extraordinary with this book: She has put cancer in its place.And his Live Strong Foundation and network can trace much of their success to the popularity of his book.In a subtle way, Illness As Metaphor provided my foundation of understanding of how my illness is perceived by others, and has given me some context for explaining why I find the romanticized cancer gaze and narrative most prevalent in our culture, so personally troubling.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.But Crazy, Sexy, Cancer seemed worthy of the list because I like her message and means, and deeply admire her spirit and approach.Most importantly, Crazy, Sexy, Cancer is a source that many people deeply relate to, especially younger women.She has triumphed, and paved a path by which others can triumph too.She deserves our most heartfelt 'Bravo.'"— Marianne Williamson Author of A Return to Love and Everyday Grace When you have been there you know the experience and can help others survive their journey through the difficulties of life.

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Still, I hope that my particular list has some universal application.