Dating men forgetting about their woman

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Despite his virtues, however, Hader can’t hide his shock when he learns that Schumer has slept with an enormous number of men.(He’s not sure of the exact tally, because when he asks how many, she replies, “This year?

It’s not that these men judge women for having active sexual pasts. We lose that enthusiasm to go an extra mile for someone. Do we want to do it all over again, probably yes, but it won't be same.“It’s always worse when you have a specific location or detail or something,” he said. “ Others also spoke about anxieties about being compared to exes.The 32-year-old said his wife only has a couple of men in her past, which makes it easier for him to let go of anxiety about where he falls in her sexual rankings.

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It’s that the women’s sexual pasts lead these men to judge themselves.