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In some sequentially hermaphroditic fish species, animals develop first as male and then switch to female (a condition called protandry), and in others, the individuals develop first as female and then switch to male (protogyny). Clownfish (like Nemo from the Pixar movie) are protandrous. In some hermaphrodites, the animal starts out as one sex and switches to the other sex later in its life. This is known as sequential hermaphroditism, contrasting with simultaneous hermaphroditism, in which the animal can produce sperm and eggs at the same time. is now the preferred term for either of these conditions. Hermaphroditus was a character in ancient Greek mythology who underwent a physical transformation making him both male and female.A small percentage of the approximately 1 in 2,000 infants diagnosed with ambiguous genitalia in the U.

Actually, the features are within, but when the discomfort became obvious, I had to raise the alarm and cried out for help.“I have lived in a very bad situation because if I claim to be a woman, I never menstruated and if I answer a man, I never had any emotional feeling towards the opposite sex neither have I ever had any form of ******** as any normal man would have,” the visibly worried James said.

It's just a little bit of a penis and really doesn't interfere much with my life."However, Gaga's management dismissed the quote as fake in an actual statement to ABC News. 2010 by Barbara Walters, who asked her point blank about the hermaphrodite rumors.

"This is completely ridiculous," a representative said by way of a denial. Gaga went on to say she isn't bothered by the rumor. Gaga herself poked fun at the rumor in the "Telephone" video in 2010, with one of the female prison guards in the video saying, "I told you she didn't have a dick," and a second one saying, "Too bad."Still photos released on November 12, 2011, from Gaga's 2011 video release "Marry the Night" show her lying on a hospital gurney, rekindling rumors that she was born "a man." In point of fact, Gaga has consciously and continuously played on her gender-bending image in public appearances and promotional materials.

“I never had any feeling for sex because the distress of my condition would not give me room for that.

I would rather console myself.“The first corrective surgery was done in the US and I am happy with the way I am now.

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