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Ito hideaki dating site

Following the decommissioning of the patrol vessel Nagare (ながれ), Daisuke Senzaki, a Japan Coast Guard (JCG) rescue diver, is posted to the 10th Region Mobile Rescue Unit, based at Kagoshima Air Station.The film's opening sequence depicts a plane crash in stormy seas, where Senzaki battles the elements to keep two victims alive. Even throwing in popular wet blanket Emi doesn’t dim my raging need for this movie.

It is the second feature-length film and third of the Umizaru projects, following on from the film Umizaru and the 11-episode drama series Umizaru Evolution.The mentally-traumatised Senzaki however, is not prepared for marital commitments, and his reluctance drives a wedge between the two.Izawa leaves heartbroken in spite of the best efforts of Senzaki's buddy, Tetsuya Yoshioka, to mediate.At this point, the adult lets go of Senzaki's hand; a cue for him to grab hold of the boy instead.Senzaki manages to keep the boy alive, but the heroic gesture by the other victim meant that he himself drowns.

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The adverse conditions prevents the dropping of additional divers to aid Senzaki, and he struggles to keep all three of them on the floating wreckage which has become their lifeboat.

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