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Native american burial sites dating back

Construction remains on schedule, slated to finish by Thanksgiving, with crews working elsewhere now while restoration work on the burial mounds, which began last week, continues through June."We believed we were not going to encounter burial mounds …But what is known is they are to be preserved the way they were meant to be.

Although the drilling occurred three years ago, the extent of it has been made public just recently, when Earth Fix and KUOW obtained documents made public in federal court as part of a lawsuit by a local environmental group against the terminal company.Experts had surveyed the land before a major construction project on County Road 101 in Minnetonka started last fall and thought that the large burial mounds were located 30 to 50 feet east of the site.As a result, they didn't find anything, and the state signed off on the work.State archaeologist Scott Anfinson's office disagreed with that conclusion, saying the council's consultant had his map wrong.And Hennepin County hired a third consultant, who extracted 45 soil cores and found "no evidence for any surviving mound fill, burial pits, bones, or artifacts," according to a 2011 report by the state archaeologist, so grading work began last fall. Road changes Now, a planned roundabout to make the steep curve of County Road 101 safer has been nixed and instead, the road will be realigned to make it safer while preserving the remains.

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