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Predating jesus

The Metternich Stella, a monument from the 4th century B.C., tells a story in which Horus is poisoned by Seth and brought back to life by the god Thoth at the request of his mother, Isis.

It was believed that the pharaoh was a “Horus reconciled to Seth, or a gentleman in whom the spirit of disorder had been integrated” (, “Seth”).

The ancient Egyptians used the spell described on this monument to cure people.

It was believed that the spirit of Horus would dwell within the sick, and they would be cured the same way he was. The name meaning “God has helped.” This name was common among the Jews of Jesus’ time. Again, this claim finds its origin in the work of Gerald Massey (), which points to a mural depicting “the twelve who reap the harvest.” But Horus does not appear in the mural.

Egyptologists recognize the possibility that these differences may have been understood as aspects or facets of the same divine persona, but they nevertheless refer to them as distinct Horus-gods (cf. Part of the problem with the “Jesus is Horus” claim is that in order to find items that even partially fit the life story of Jesus, advocates of the view must cherry-pick bits of myth from different epochs of Egyptian history.

This is possible today because modern archaeology has given us extensive knowledge of Egypt’s religious beliefs and how they changed over time, making it possible to cite one detail from this version of a story and another from that.

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Our information about Horus comes from a variety of archaeological sources.