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South park s13e14 online dating

Watch Now This time, the final five candidates are summoned to Lord Sugar's newly refurbished offices in the City of London.

Watch Now The two finalists take on their last challenge to win a coveted investment from Alan Sugar, with hand-picked teams of contestants from the series returning to aid them in their endeavours.

However, both teams encounter troublesome DIY issues, and their concepts are picked apart during the daunting pitches.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar sends another contestant from the losing team home.

The following day at the big game, guests in one of the corporate boxes are unhappy as supplies run dry, while those selling merchandise outside struggle with last minute pricing strategies.

Watch Now This week, Lord Sugar summons the contestants to London's new Design Museum, where the teams find out that they are to create, programme and sell a prototype robot.

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The teams also try to flog souvenirs to guests to top up their profit margins, but as they sell the tickets, there's jostling between candidates for sales and overpromising on what the tour groups will get, which could lead to major disappointment.