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At the time he was married to Alida Anna Maria Masteling.However, in that record it says he was the widower of Maria Cornelia Johanna Boer. An internet source suggests that the Gowthorpe name is of Scottish origin.As you can see there are still many questions to be answered.I am hopeful that knowledgeable readers will be able to come up with further clues.In the meantime I will try to answer the question of the likelihood of these two ladies having seen each other on their respective North Sea beaches through the mists of time.Visiting the beach was not uncommon for the middle classes in Holland during the 19th century.

The white sticker is apparently from the family and reads "Vermoedelijk Mevrouw Gowthorpe geb.

If you look at the map, Scheveningen is on the eastern side of the North Sea wheres Great Yarmouth is directly opposite, on the western side of that same sea.

So you see, there is a connection between the two ladies. While wandering over the internet, I ran into the Flickr account of one James Morley.

Boer" which translates as "Presumably Mrs Gowthorpe nee Boer" (thanks to Stereomania for the first word - [...]).

The pencil writing underneath is apparently from the dealer's own research, making connections to the Ritter family and what appears to be the names Godard Gowthorpe 1833-1879 and Maria Cornelia [?

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Subjects such as the quality of bathing suit fabrics or exhibitionism come to mind. Therefore, I decided to concentrate on a different lady who is also unknown to me.

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